Welcome to Viva Home Staging & Design

Viva Home Staging & Design is a staging company based in Austin, Texas. We help simplify your home selling process by adding our magic touch!

This year has been filled with many blessings. After working in the home staging industry, I decided to take the leap and start my own business. If you know me in real life, I live and breath interior design. From starting my blog The Hustle Woman a few years back, I knew I was on to something when it came to doing something I truly enjoy.

Staged home by Viva Home Staging & Design

After managing over 100 stagings all over Central Texas, I decided to finally focus on creating something that was truly my own. Viva Home Staging is my way of fully offering my staging services to everyone and anyone.

I work with many different types of clients and I offer staging consultations to ensure I’m fulfilling your needs. From one room to a whole house, I have experience staging any and every type of home with many different type of styles.

Staged Home by Ruth Xiomara

With my first successful year, I’m glad to say that I’m aiming for even more growth here at Viva Home Staging & Design. Since picking up and moving my life here in the states from Puerto Rico, I’m blessed that I’m able to find my dream job so soon after.

I love working with my clients and hearing everyone’s story! I’m committed to making sure that every little detail with my stagings count. Since my journey has blossomed into Viva Home Staging & Design. We are here to help you sell your home fast!

Ruth Xiomara of Viva Home Staging & Design
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